Tuesday, August 04, 2009

[media-bali] Q! Film Festival 2009 @ AF Denpasar ( 7-12 Agustus) | 7 pm


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Q! festival film, yang didirikan pada tahun 2002 oleh para wartawan, merupakan festival film internasional terbesar kedua di Indonesia, Negara muslim terbesar, dan festival terbesar untuk kelasnya di seluruh Asia. Tujuannya adalah untuk memperkenalkan film-film alternatif internasional terbaik, menjadikan masyarakat lebih peka akan hal-hal tentang gay, transseksual dan selain itu juga membicarakan mode, hak-hak manusia dan HIV/aids. Hasilnya telah terlihat pada tingkat sosial dan politik.
Festival ini dengan segera meluas dan diadakan di Bali, Bandung, Jakarta, Jogjakarta dan Surabaya. Pada saat ini, lebih dari 500 film telah diputar. 75.000 penonton telah menyaksikannya dan di sana mereka bisa bertemu dengan para sutradara, aktor, distributor, dan penyelenggara festival.
Q! Festival film juga hadir di festival film Berlin dan mempunyai program pertukaran film dengan festival-festival film lainnya di seluruh dunia.
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Le Q ! Film Festival existe depuis 2002. Créé par des journalistes indonésiens, il est devenu le 2ème plus grand festival international de films du plus grand pays musulman du monde. C'est le plus important festival du genre en Asie. Sa mission est de présenter les meilleures productions internationales alternatives, de sensibiliser le public aux questions gay, transsexuelles mais aussi de parler de mode, des droits de l'Homme et du HIV / Sida. Des résultats sont déjà visibles au niveau social et politique.
Le festival a rapidement pris de l'ampleur et a lieu à Bali, Bandung, Jakarta, Yogyakarta et Surabaya. A l'heure actuelle, plus de 500 films ont été projetés. 75 000 spectateurs y ont assisté et ont pu rencontrer des réalisateurs,  des acteurs,  des distributeurs et des organisateurs de festivals.
Q ! FF est présent au Festival du Film de Berlin et travaille sur des programmes d'échanges de films avec différents festivals du monde entier.
Pour plus d'informations:
Q! Film Festival was founded in 2002 by some freelance journalists.Taking up films with queer and HIV / AIDS theme, it is the only film festival of its kind in the biggest moslem country. Over the years, the film festival has grown rapidly. Adding to the film screenings, there are also arts exhibitions, literature events, parties and film workshops. With the support of local cultural institutes as well as foreign ones and embassies, Q! Film Festival is able to showcase films from all over the world. The expansion is not only in terms of size but also spreading to other cities. The regular festival is now touring to Jogjakarta in Central Java and Bali. While other cities like Purwokerto, Makassar and Surabaya have organized it once. The launch of the festival in 2002 and 2003 was marked with some protests from some Islamic fundamentalist group, however, no harm was caused by the incident.
The festival's mission is to introduce alternative films apart from the mainstream ones in the cinema as well as to raise awareness on queer issues. The significant outcome is that The Human Rights Commission has added the protection towards queer people for the last 2 years. Furthermore, a non-profit organization for advocacy for queer people has been founded last year to accommodate the increasing needs.
\Over 500 films and the total of 75,000 spectators have attended the festival for the last 5 years. International guests such as filmmakers, distributors, and festival organizers have attended the festival since 2003.
Q! Film Festival now is the biggest queer film festival in Asia in terms of number of film screenings and the total number of days. It has been officially acknowledged as a part of Teddy Award Section of Berlin Film Festival called "Teddy on Tour"program since 2006. With a more broaden spectrum, Q! Film Festival is now liased with Hamburg Lesbian and Gay Film Festival - Germany, Mix Brasil Film Festival - Brazil, Out in Africa Film Festival in South Africa for film program exchange.

Further info:
Info : http://www.qfilmfestival.org


Les résultats du Bac | Final exams (18 min | 2001)
Far West (17 min | 2003)
Hollywood malgré lui | Hollywood by accident (10 min | 2004)
Bébé Requin |Baby Shark (15 min | 2005)
Candy Boy (15 min | 2007)
Director : Pascal-Alex Vincent
France | short films | 79 min. | 2008 | French with English subtitles
vendredi 7 août | Jumat 7 Agustus | 19.00


Director : Pongpat Wachirabunjong
Thailand | romantic drama | 117 min. | 2007 | Thai with English subtitles
2007 : Silver Peacock in International Film Festival of India
samedi 8 août | Sabtu 8 Agustus | 19.00


Director : Karin Babinska
Czech Republic | dramatic comedy | 99 min. | 2008 | Czech with English subtitles
Hong Kong International Film Festival
lundi 10 août | Senin 10 Agustus | 19.00



Director : Sridhar Rangayan
India | drama | 92 min. | 2007 | Hindi with English Subtitles

Director : Gu Changwei
China | short film | 7 min. | 2009 | Chinese with English subtitles.
mardi 11 août | Selasa 11 Agustus | 19.00


Director : Richard Laxton
United Kingdom | drama | 75 min. | 2009 | English
Special Teddy Berlinale
mercredi 12 août | Rabu 12 Agustus | 19.00


Liza Irman
Chargée de mission culturelle
Alliance Française de Denpasar
Jl. Raya Puputan I, n° 13A
Renon - Sumerta Kelod
Denpasar 80235
Tel./Fax : (00 62 361) 234 143



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