Thursday, August 16, 2007

Rangda.. The Black Side

Rangda.. the Widow who turn herself into balck magic world and transformed herself into monster..
The battle of Ranga and Barong may depict the fight within our heart.. good and bad .. win and lose.. alternately

Love the philosophy of Bali Hindu.. living with the fact of life... It's not to win the bad and get rid of it but it is to control and balance.. The balck and white scotch clothe wrapping the guardian sculpture is something saying this believing..
The believing of heaven and earth could be connected by human being,,, the offering and worship turn and melt inot their daily life, way of thinking, festival, ceremonies and cultures

Its like Yin Yang the existing of two extreme dualities in balance.


Legong, originally uploaded by Araleya(Going to China).

Legong dance is a classical dance which is usually staged in thr palace courtyard to entertain the King. It is performed by three girls dancers in colorful costumes.

The story is adapted from the classical story of the King Lasem in which the arrogant King Lasem desired the unwilling Princess Langke Sari

Each Bali dance could identify by costume. For Legong dance, dancers will wear the white-yellow flower crown

Legong Kraton Dance
by Sadha Budaya Troupe
Ubud Palace,
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sunset at Bali Beach

Sunset at Bali Beach, originally uploaded by Araleya.

Before leaving Bali there are some hours left so we went to the beach near aitrport to have some refreshing drink, then we saw the golden sunset on the beach.
I went there with my friend in group tour but I just sent them back and then I stayed longer for some more days. It was my first raveliing-alone which leads to my next and next . However I still travel with friend too just in case I feel like to travel and no one is available then I won't wait.

Bali is a place that I would like to go there again and again.
Nikon FM10

Green Parking

Green Parking, originally uploaded by Araleya.

This bicycle was parked on the bund of paddy field. The shape of old style bicycle was driven out by the endless green of paddy field in October. The bike finds its beautiful parking... grren parking..

Ubud, Bali

The Green Terrace

The Green Terrace, originally uploaded by Araleya.

Tegalalang was my destination because it's said the best view of terraced paddy. But I start too late in the afternoon and stopped very often to take photo. It's far more 2 km to Tegalalang while sun was about setting and will set very fast.
So I hire local to take me there by motorcycles... Arriving the place when sun was set from sky only pale last light remain. I felt quite sad for no light. I took shots and contemplated for a while. However , even without beautiful light I still like this shot... for its lanscape and the GREEN

Ubud, Bali

Saturday, August 04, 2007


bali - rice cakes, originally uploaded by adlaw.

Balinese traditional rice cake called "Klepon" A mild sweet juice probably made from caramelizing sugar in coconut water oozes out from this rice cake. This is one snack you should try to have a bite of while in Bali.

Bali Monkey Sunset Shadowbali

bali - mother and child, originally uploaded by adlaw.

The monkey mother and child sunset shadow at Pura Uluwatu, Jimbaran

Batu Bolong

bali_culture 0123, originally uploaded by tristo.

Tanah Lot Tabanan.