Thursday, August 20, 2009



Moch Satrio Welang is set to be on the cast for the newest movie project by Indonesia Music Maestro, Bambang Pranoto. The Movie itself will be in the form of animation or cartoon, dedicated for all Indonesian children in order to be familiar of the original Indonesian Stories. Moch Satrio Welang plays the main character of Malin Kundang, the most famous story of West Sumatra. He is not alone to give the voice, there will be other actors and actresses appears on the movie, including Hendra Utay, Warih Wisatsana, Made Purnamasari, Putu Rastiti, Ketut Sudiani, Frischa Aswarini, Devi, Irfan Ferdiyanto, Wina, and Anom

for the cast list

Malin Kundang : Moch Satrio Welang
Ayam Jago : Hendra Utay
Ibu Malin : Made Purnamasari
Udin : Irfan Ferdiyanto
Tikus Got : Devi
Juragan Baljun : Warih Wisatsana
Kepala Perompak : Wina
Intan Kencana : Putu Rastiti
Awak Kapal : Ketut Sudiani
Kuli Pelabuhan : Anom

Director : Bambang Pranoto
Asst. Director : Hendra Utay
Script Writer : Frischa Aswarini

The movie will be in the process in Jogjakarta and will be published soon, stay tune, Keep supporting the original Indonesia Stories as one of the Indonesian Heritage. Thank You

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