Saturday, May 09, 2009

Not everything can be explained or described. Every art work has its own essense, its own space. Every space has its capasity and secrets. A sign can be explained or can remain a mystery. Playing with space is involving yourself within it. Boring or excited, suddenly free or forever bound, surviving or dying, unbound, bound, humorous, serious, smiling, hope and sadness...get the idea...

Orista has shown his work both within and outside these shores. There have been many exhibitions in Bali since 2006 including Harmony Exhibition in Seminyak, Mercy Max Exhibition in Kuta Galleria, Batik Exhibition in Surabaya, and Street Angkringan Exhibition in Denpasar. He is now preparing for the current exhibition ‘Road to Java’.

Riva Orista
Born in Cirebon,
West Java; 1984
Based in

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